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Township Officials of Ashland County, Ohio

Clear Creek Township

Trustees Timothy A. Calame 419-289-7800
Standley E. Crist 419-606-1430
David A. Shoup 419-281-2916
Fiscal Officer Kathleen E. Kern 419-962-9210

Green Township

Trustees Marianne Cowell 419-606-3198
Dwain E. Stitzlein 419-938-3231
Richard W. Kline 419-938-7682
Fiscal Officer Andrea J. Purcell 419-994-3150

Hanover Township

Trustees John R. Burkhart 419-606-2101
Ronald E. Endslow 419-938-6332
Timothy C. Mowery 419-994-5126
Fiscal Officer Alice L. McDonald 419-994-4787

Jackson Township

Trustees Cheryl A. Welch 419-945-2698
Kay E. Wright 419-869-7153
Jonathon S. Markley
Fiscal Officer Kellie M. Light 419-606-0378

Lake Township

Trustees Mike S. Bender 419-606-6930
Timothy W. Nickles 419-606-7122
Lewis E Morris, Jr.
Fiscal Officer Lehr L. Dircks 419-994-5363

Mifflin Township

Trustees Jeff C. Jacobs 419-651-3048
Eric C. Oswalt 419-368-4059
Timothy E. Echelberger 419-545-3756
Fiscal Officer David L. Seiss 419-289-6578

Milton Township

Trustees Rick Emmons 419-606-2625
Eric L. Fulk 419-207-0212
Mitchell Goschinski 419-651-1430
Fiscal Officer Jeanne Saner 419-651-6702

Mohican Township

Trustees Bryan K. Raudebaugh 567-215-7973
Michael D. Weber 419-651-1772
Edward M. White 419-368-8211
Fiscal Officer Jody A. Bartter 419-651-4626

Montgomery Township

Trustees Hugh B. Troth 419-289-1955
Richard D. Wesner 419-289-9668
Daniel Kamburoff 419-207-8820
Fiscal Officer Andrea Wertz 419-908-8845

Orange Township

Trustees James H. Elson 419-685-0298
George E. Parks 419-289-7837
Brian A. Canfield 419-651-2413
Fiscal Officer Betsie L. Krumlaw 567-203-8852

Perry Township

Trustees Brian G. Funk 419-606-8567
Robert W. Jones 419-651-2407
Kent P. McGovern 419-368-3485
Fiscal Officer Valeria K. Hall 419-685-1533

Ruggles Township

Trustees James D. Griffin 419-929-7585
Scott Stolcals 419-606-4235
Matthew J. Beattie 419-651-7438
Fiscal Officer Michelle A. Ropp 419-652-3963

Sullivan Township

Trustees Suzanne Fayak 440-225-9064
Janice K. Steele 419-736-2145
Douglas W. Campbell 419-736-3500
Fiscal Officer Donna M. Riley 567-215-5844

Troy Township

Trustees Timothy R. Roth 419-651-7808
Leslie D. White 419-651-9530
Dennis C. Edwards 419-652-3702
Fiscal Officer Fred M. Lowery 419-652-2311

Vermillion Township

Trustees William R. Helbert 419-368-5908
Ralph E. Owens 419-651-9346
Samuel L. Yeater 419-651-6393
Fiscal Officer Amy L. Pickering 419-368-5117

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