Surplus Property Auctions

Ashland County Commissioners have partnered with GovDeals, Inc. to auction county surplus property online. Click the icon below for Ashland County, Ohio's online auction of surplus items at GovDeals.com.

Gov Deals

Ashland County Listings at GovDeals.com

Legal Notice

On June 2, 2005, the Board of Ashland County Commissioners entered into an agreement with GovDeals, Inc. to provide online auction services to the County in 2005. Ashland County hereby creates the following rules pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 307.12:

The Ashland County Board of Commissioners has determined that surplus property including motor vehicles acquired for the use of County offices and departments, and road machinery, equipment, tools or supplies, which is not needed for the public use, or is obsolete or unfit for the use it was acquired is appropriate to be sold by Internet auction, and by a resolution dated January 3, 2013, the Board of Commissioners of Ashland County has declared its intent to continually sell property through the Internet.

The auctions shall be conducted on a continuous basis through accessing the Ashland County surplus property through the Ashland County web site located at www.ashlandcounty.org and double clicking on the GovDeals icon. The surplus items shall be posted for 14-21 days including Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.

The County will also post a notice of such Internet auction on the bulletin board on the first floor of the courthouse and the county office building on a continuous basis.

A notice will appear continuously on the County’s web site that surplus property is available through Internet auction.

All property is offered for sale “As Is, Where Is”. Ashland County makes no warranty, guaranty or representation of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for any purpose of the property offered for sale. The Buyer is not entitled to any payment for loss of profit or any other money damages – special, direct, indirect or consequential, and

The County reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to withdraw from sale of any of the items listed.

By: Ashland County Commissioners

By: Gail Crossen, Clerk

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