Ashland County Solid Waste District


 Feasibilty study on the

Operations of the Ashland County Recycling Center

for the Ashland County Board of County Commissioners

to view the study please click on the link below:

If you have questions or comments on the study call the 

Ashland County Commissioners


Ashland Christian 3rd graders

make recycling signs to encourage other students to step on board with recycling.




Now available for viewing online:

The Ashland County Solid Waste Mangagement District

2018-2032 Revised Draft Solid Waste Management Plan Update





2015 Annual District Report


2014 Annual District Report





Our Recycling Newsletters

Solid Waste Dist. Coordinator's Update 

Education Coordinator's Update



     Recycling Container Loan Program                      

Would you like to recycle during your next event  or community function?

The Ashland County Recycling Center & Solid Waste District is now offering a Recycling Container Loan Program.

The program is available to individuals, family groups, non-profit organizations, community groups &government offices. Groups can borrow District containers to collect aluminum cans and plastic bottles during family gatherings, events & community functions in Ashland County .

Containers will be available on a “first come, first served” basis.

To reserve containers for your event, contact the Ashland County Recycling Center & Solid Waste District @ 419-289-7382 .