Dialing Directory

OfficeTelephoneStreet Address
Adult Parole Authority Office Barone419-610-4539142 W. 2nd Street
Adult Parole Authority Officer Cieslinksi330-592-0480142 W. 2nd Street
Airport419-281-3966 700 Twp Rd 1102 RD2
Auditor419-282-4235 142 W. 2nd Street
Board of Elections419-282-4273 110 Cottage Street
Clerk of Courts419-282-4242 142 W. 2nd Street
Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP)419-282-4215 110 Cottage Street
Commissioners419-282-4263 110 Cottage Street
County Commissioner Denny Bittle419-282-4354 110 Cottage Street
County Commissioner Barb Queer419-282-4363 110 Cottage Street
County Commissioner Mike Welch419-282-4266 110 Cottage Street
Common Pleas Court - Jury Commission419-282-4268 142 W. 2nd Street
Common Pleas Court - Civil Case Assignment419-282-4291 142 W. 2nd Street
Common Pleas Court - Domestic Case Assignment419-282-4290 142 W. 2nd Street
Common Pleas Court - Criminal Case Assignment419-282-4268 142 W. 2nd Street
Coroner419-282-6159 1207 East Main Stree
Dog Shelter419-289-1455 1710 Garfield Avenue
Economic Development419-289-3200 1123 State Route 96
Emergency Management Agency (EMA)419-282-4272 110 Cottage Street
Engineer419-282-4281 1511 Cleveland Avenue
Extension Office (4-H)419-281-8242 1763 State Route 60
Fair Office419-289-0466 2042 Claremont Avenu
Health Department - Nursing & Clinic Information419-282-4357 1763 State Route 60
Health Department - Vital Statistics & Certificates419-282-4231 1763 State Route 60
Health Department - Environmental Services419-282-4337 1763 State Route 60
Health Department - Food Service Programs419-282-4246 1763 State Route 60
Health Department - BCMH419-282-4232 1763 State Route 60
Health Department - Administration419-282-4226 1763 State Route 60
Health Department - WIC Program419-289-3359 110 Cottage Street
Highway Department419-282-4281 1511 Cleveland Avenue
IT Manager419-282-4259 110 Cottage Street
Job and Family Services419-282-5000 15 W. 4th Street
Juvenile Court419-282-4205 142 W. 2nd Street
Juvenile Detention Center419-289-3988 1260 South Center Street
Juvenile Probation Offices419-289-2002 52 W. Main Street
Law Library Office419-282-4219 142 W. 2nd Street
Maintenance Office419-282-4222 110 Cottage Street
Map Office419-282-4343 142 W. 2nd Street
Mental Health and Recovery Board419-281-3139 1065 Co Rd 1095
Municipal Courts419-289-8137 1209 East Main Street
Planning Office419-282-4262 110 Cottage Street
Probate Court419-282-4325 142 W. 2nd Street
Prosecutor419-289-8857 110 Cottage Street
Recorder419-282-4244 142 W. 2nd Street
Recycling Center and Solid Waste District419-289-7382 1270 Middle Rowsburg Road
Sheriff's Office (if emergency, dial 9-1-1)419-289-6552 1205 East Main Street
Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD)419-281-7645 1763 State Route 60
Title Office419-282-4234 142 W. 2nd Street
Treasurer419-282-4283 142 W. 2nd Street
Veterans Services Commission419-282-4225 110 Cottage Street
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