Pursuant to the Ohio Development Service Agency, Community Services Division, Office of Community Development, Program Policy Notice: OCD 15-02, Ashland County, in partnership with the City of Ashland, is soliciting information from selected organizations relevant to their work capabilities and qualifications to administer several programs.

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Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP)

The Community Housing Improvement Program, better known as C.H.I.P, is a government grant established for communities offering low to moderate income households help with their home improvements.

We offer the following programs:

Owner Rehabilitation Program (up to $30,000)

The purpose of this program is to rehabilitate a one-family housing unit, which are owned and occupied by low and moderate-income households.

Eligible items for this program include: installation and/or repairs to foundations, roofs, gutters, electrical upgrades, plumbing, furnaces, hot water heaters, insulation, windows, doors, siding, accessibility improvements and lead-based paint abatement.

Home Repair (up to $8,000)

The purpose of this program is to provide home repairs to one-family housing units, which are owned and occupied by low and moderate-income households.

Eligible items for this program include: emergency repairs, handicapped accessibility, tap-ins, well and septic repairs or replacements, and lead-based paint abatement.

Who is eligible?

Any household residing in a single family dwelling, whose total income of all wage earners (18 years or older) must be less than the income guidelines listed below and they must reside in the County or the City of Ashland.

Are there income limits?

Yes, there are income limits (HUD FY 2010 limits effective 05/14/2010):

Household Members Low Income Guidelines (Homebuyer & Owner Rehab Em./Home Repair)
1 person $ 32,300
2 people $ 36,900
3 people $ 41,500
4 people $ 46,100
5 people $ 49,800
6 people $ 53,500
7 people $ 57,200
8 people $ 60,900

What about my assets?

Applicants whose total net assets equal an amount greater than $100,000 are not eligible. Items considered net assets include but are not limited to: inheritances, personal valuables, collectables, and payments for mineral rights.

How can I apply?

If you have any questions about the programs outlined here, please contact Molly Harland from the Ashland City/County CHIP Office at (419) 282-4215 or The Ohio Regional Development Corp. at (740) 622-0529. Our office will make every effort to assist you.

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