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Welcome to the Ashland County Bid Notice and Request for Proposal page.

Please check this web page regularly, as we will post bid notices, general notices, and requests for proposal as they become available to the general public.


The Ashland County Commissioners, acting in its capacity as the Board of the Ashland County Solid Waste Management District (Board), requests proposals from any interested party (referred to herein as the “Contractor”) for the provision of recycling drop-off services in Ashland County (County). Forms containing the full specifications and criteria for selection may be picked up at the Ashland County Commissioners’ Office, 110 Cottage St., Ashland, Ohio, 44805. All information must be appropriately, completely and permanently filled in. The Board will receive sealed proposals at the same address until 9:15 a.m. on July 11, 2019. The public acceptance of proposals is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as an acceptance or rejection of any response that is submitted. This is a request for proposals and the Commissioners reserve the right to negotiate terms and prices with offerors who submit proposals.

The proposal must be submitted in two separately sealed envelopes labeled “STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE” and “PRICE QUOTATION”. Both envelopes will then be placed into a third envelope labeled “RECYCLING DROP OFF SERVICES.” The proposal package will be submitted to:

Ashland County Commissioners’ Office
110 Cottage St.
Ashland, Ohio 44805

By Order of the Ashland County Commissioners

By: Nikki Hiller, Deputy Clerk

Bidder's Affidavit

Ohio Revised Code sections 3517.13 (I)(3) and 3517.13(J)(3) require that no agency or department of this state or any political subdivision shall enter into any contract for the purchase of goods costing more than five hundred dollars or services costing more than five hundred dollars with a corporation, individual, partnership, or other unincorporated business, association, including, without limitation, a professional association organized under Chapter 1785. of the Revised Code, estate, or trust unless the contract includes a certification that the individuals named in Revised Code sections 3517.13(I)(1) and 3517.13(J)(1) are in compliance with the aforementioned provisions. The offeror is required to complete the following downloadable affidavit form (PDF document).

Failure to submit the required form with the proposal / bid packet will deem the offeror’s response to be non-responsive and disqualified from receiving further consideration.

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